Learning DIY with Daddy !

There is no question that Chloe’s number 1 hero is her daddy. She loves anything he’s doing : ) Jon made a sweet bike rack and I’m trying a little something with the chandelier .. Final product pictures to come : )


#1 Birthday BBQ

  On to the BBQ! The BBQ for family and friends was held post Bubble Party. We had a great time catching up, gettin’ our grub on. I’d made a couple of slideshows, the first was a compilation of her ‘Calender Girl’ pics the second was a mix of fun times. We wrapped it all up with a sugar high and some presents. I was surprised at how delicately she ate her cupcake, until the sugar kicked in and she was running around with a bobble head screaming.. those parents weren’t messin around about that kids with candy thing..

#1 Bubble Birthday Party

     Then the day came whe I could start planning my little love’s first birthday party. I had so much fun gathering inspiration from pinterest and even did a couple DIYs (garlands and paper ball flowers).  Thanks to the help of my mom and my family, the party was a success and we all had a lot of fun : ) 

   After musing over a few more complicated themes I decided to go with a Bubble Theme. I knew I wanted beach balls for the pool … and when I found the clear ones, my search was over. Bubble theme with a touch of aqua! 

  We decided to host an open house so parents could bring the littles around their nap times. The timing of it all was doubly good for us, because I had the chance to visit with everyone. (Is doubly even a word?.. ).

    My friend Corinne, an quickly aspiring photographer, shot some amazing photos during their time at the pool party. I am so incredibly greatful for some of the most frame worthy moments. However, in retrospect, I would have definitely hired her for both the Bubble party and the BBQ in the evening. I found the only hangup about this day were the times I spent capturing moments instead of making them.. Here’s her website and blog for those who would like to be better prepared than me. 

Corinne McCombs Photography

See What I mean? I know! 

Thanks a bunch everyone! Someday Chloe will thank all of you : )