Fourth of July 2011

    I remember last ‘Fourth’ very well.. we had a BBQ, Chloe was 2 weeks and I was a protective mama bear.

It’s weird to remember her so tiny and now she’s running around at the beach!

  It was a fun spontaneous fourth of July, we decided to head for Capitola hoping the crowds wouldn’t keep us from making it. We got princess parking in town, dropped off our camp and then princess parking up the street right next to my mom.. funny when things like that work out..

  Chloe LOVES the beach… but I suppose most toddlers love the beach.. what’s not to love? She gets to dig in dirt, run around naked and run to the water all day.. toddler heaven! Luckily it’s my heaven too : ) When I was Chloe’s age we lived in San Diego.

     Memories from this day.

Chloe in her sandy pit.

Chloe running (like she can run down a sandy hill).

Chloe finds the chips

Chloe fearlessly running into the water like it’s not the ocean. (Though I suppose from her vantage it does look like a giant puddle.)  

She loved dunking her butt in the water.. she’d wiggle for more.

Feeling produtive laying on our butts getting tan. 

What a fun time. I can’t wait for more of that sand in my toes. Bring it!


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