Revisiting ‘Clean’

   A while back, my hubs and I read CLEAN by Dr. Alejandro. It’s a detox… and most people think yaya detox .. you take supplements, make the toilet your friend etc… but honestly, once I read this book it made complete sense to me. The point is to clean out the intestines which are the source of all vitality or issues. 

1. Eliminating foods that are either toxic or deplete the good in your intestines 

2. Giving your body a break from digesting food and getting to work on the nitty gritty buildup in your organs. 

3. After your cleanse period you slowly introduce one of the eliminated foods and a time to see how your body reacts weather it’s fatique, skin reactions or intestinal issues.. 

Voila feel good! ..hahha 

I hope I didn’t butcher the program too badly. And being that I’m revisiting it having quit the first time through..

I’m not saying it’s totally easy.. 

I am saying it’s totally doable.. you don’t go hungry and you get to have awesome smoothies and food! 

Helpful hints:

1. Prep food.

2. Make a list of things to do instead of mindlessly eat

3. Journal

4. Talk about it especially if it’s hard.

5. READ the book!

The knowledge of what’s going on inside is definitely a huge motivator and I can totaly do it.

I have a few nagging issues i would love to bid good riddance to and a bunch of new changes I’m excited to make. 

Here it goes!


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