Gramma Great

¬†¬† ¬

I grew up seeing my gramma daily sometimes more than that…. so I was beyond excited to see her last weekend.

¬†My Gramma ran a pre-school in Oregon for many years called The Nurtury that was, for a few years, in our house. The Nurtury was an educational jumpstart for me and so many other kids who grew so naturally into some quite scholarly years. I know we have her to thank for an incredibly easy entry into Kindergarten… so I’ll thank her personally.

Gramma.. I am only beginning to understand the level of gratitude I have for all you instilled in us kids. God gave you an incredible gift of authority in our lives and your use of that gift has implications beyond measure. The weekly themes to celebrate culture, the daily alphabet letter at circle time, the countless science experiments, the extravagant holiday celebrations and most of all your unquestionably defined manners we all kept specially for you. ¬†I am so fortunate to have had you as my preschool teacher like so many who’d say the same, but I also have you as my Gramma.. now that is really something.


Soooooo¬†Gramma brought Chloe The circle time song book with a tape of Gramma singing the songs! Wow what better way to get started on my best effort to recreate The Nurtury for Chloe : ) Thanks Gramma. I can’t wait to gather more of the wonderful things that made my childhood so rich.¬†


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