Gramma Great


I grew up seeing my gramma daily sometimes more than that…. so I was beyond excited to see her last weekend.

 My Gramma ran a pre-school in Oregon for many years called The Nurtury that was, for a few years, in our house. The Nurtury was an educational jumpstart for me and so many other kids who grew so naturally into some quite scholarly years. I know we have her to thank for an incredibly easy entry into Kindergarten… so I’ll thank her personally.

Gramma.. I am only beginning to understand the level of gratitude I have for all you instilled in us kids. God gave you an incredible gift of authority in our lives and your use of that gift has implications beyond measure. The weekly themes to celebrate culture, the daily alphabet letter at circle time, the countless science experiments, the extravagant holiday celebrations and most of all your unquestionably defined manners we all kept specially for you.  I am so fortunate to have had you as my preschool teacher like so many who’d say the same, but I also have you as my Gramma.. now that is really something.

Soooooo Gramma brought Chloe The circle time song book with a tape of Gramma singing the songs! Wow what better way to get started on my best effort to recreate The Nurtury for Chloe : ) Thanks Gramma. I can’t wait to gather more of the wonderful things that made my childhood so rich. 


Random day in the life..

MMMMM Raviolis

Stab the ravioli

our little walk 

Where’d that look come from??

And a fun ride with Dad.. 

Someday I’ll cherish these ‘everyday’ moments : )

Cedar Ridge & Pinecrest

    Chloe’s first time at a cabin!  We arrived late Friday night and Chloe got to run all around -The Cabin- where everything is fun. Saturday, I spent a leisurely morning drinking coffee and spending some time reading the the book of Matthew while Jon and Chloe explored the forest and played ‘throw the rock’. 

The lighting was odd.. not a blazing fire : )

    Nap time!

Jon burping haha

We head off to Pinecrest a quick drive from the cabin.. stopping through Twain Heart I could help myself but to stop at the cutest place I’d ever seen.. ‘Cafe Blossom’ A quaint yellow victorian with a billowing garden. Home of a joint Coffee Shop, Boutique and a Nursury.. with dispersed garden chairs for sitting. ❤ (I wish I had taken pictures of this place)

Off to the Lake

“… everybody look at me cuz I’m standin on a boat!…”

We rented a little motor boat and set out on the lake. Chloe liked the boat. She wasn’t excited about sitting with her parents.. she’d always rather inspect the premises solo. 

Arriving at the waterfall across from the marina we hiked up, Chloe found a little spot where she could drop a stick in the water and watch it flow around. 

Good times : )

Upcycled Chandelier


Our ‘old world’ chandelier got a makeover! I love the new wave of upcycling that’s going on out there and had to get my hands on it. The chandelier that came with our place had to go.. and after a year of living with it I finally have her a little color : ) 

The paint is drying and I’m greatful for the 105 degree weather that makes it quick.  

 Jon helped with the electrical and I painted her. I was having trouble finding replacement glass that wasn’t the brown frosted. I thought we’d toss the project until Jon took some acetone to it and -voila- white frosted glass! Works for me : ) 


The big picture for our living area is to go white on white with the color andsplash this aqua color.  Hopefully I can stand the aqua with our beige until I can do that.. 

Revisiting ‘Clean’

   A while back, my hubs and I read CLEAN by Dr. Alejandro. It’s a detox… and most people think yaya detox .. you take supplements, make the toilet your friend etc… but honestly, once I read this book it made complete sense to me. The point is to clean out the intestines which are the source of all vitality or issues. 

1. Eliminating foods that are either toxic or deplete the good in your intestines 

2. Giving your body a break from digesting food and getting to work on the nitty gritty buildup in your organs. 

3. After your cleanse period you slowly introduce one of the eliminated foods and a time to see how your body reacts weather it’s fatique, skin reactions or intestinal issues.. 

Voila feel good! ..hahha 

I hope I didn’t butcher the program too badly. And being that I’m revisiting it having quit the first time through..

I’m not saying it’s totally easy.. 

I am saying it’s totally doable.. you don’t go hungry and you get to have awesome smoothies and food! 

Helpful hints:

1. Prep food.

2. Make a list of things to do instead of mindlessly eat

3. Journal

4. Talk about it especially if it’s hard.

5. READ the book!

The knowledge of what’s going on inside is definitely a huge motivator and I can totaly do it.

I have a few nagging issues i would love to bid good riddance to and a bunch of new changes I’m excited to make. 

Here it goes!

Fourth of July 2011

    I remember last ‘Fourth’ very well.. we had a BBQ, Chloe was 2 weeks and I was a protective mama bear.

It’s weird to remember her so tiny and now she’s running around at the beach!

  It was a fun spontaneous fourth of July, we decided to head for Capitola hoping the crowds wouldn’t keep us from making it. We got princess parking in town, dropped off our camp and then princess parking up the street right next to my mom.. funny when things like that work out..

  Chloe LOVES the beach… but I suppose most toddlers love the beach.. what’s not to love? She gets to dig in dirt, run around naked and run to the water all day.. toddler heaven! Luckily it’s my heaven too : ) When I was Chloe’s age we lived in San Diego.

     Memories from this day.

Chloe in her sandy pit.

Chloe running (like she can run down a sandy hill).

Chloe finds the chips

Chloe fearlessly running into the water like it’s not the ocean. (Though I suppose from her vantage it does look like a giant puddle.)  

She loved dunking her butt in the water.. she’d wiggle for more.

Feeling produtive laying on our butts getting tan. 

What a fun time. I can’t wait for more of that sand in my toes. Bring it!